Tarr Chronicles

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2007.10.02 19:19

Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT            : : Release Date: 10/01/2007           :
ウ   Cracked by:  FAIRLIGHT            ウ ウ Game Type: Sim                     ウ
ウ   Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT            ウ ウ Image Format: ISO                  ウ
テトトトトトトトトトトトトトト-----トトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトエ テトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトエ
ウ   DVDS: 1                           ウ ウ Protection: Securom7               ウ
ウ   DVD1 archives: 24 x 50 MB         ウ ウ DVD1: flt-tarr.001 --> flt-tarr.024ウ
ウ                                     ウ ウ                                    ウ
ウ トトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトル タトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトトト ウ
ウ System Requirements: Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz, 512MB RAM, 128mb Graphics Card ウ

  Game information:

  Battlecruiser Talestra has its way home hindered by mysterious and deadly
  aliens, desolate solar systems and most deadly species in the Galaxy,
  De-Hattae, when it finds itself in the remote corner of the Galaxy after
  suffering hyper space engine malfunction.

  Tarr Chronicles is set in the middle of a war between the human Alliance and
  the De-Hattae - strange creatures that have been changed by the Darkness. The
  Darkness advances; the populated systems, ravaged by the war with De-Hattae,
  turn desolate. The forces of the once powerful human Empire retreat to the
  far corners of the galaxy. The player is a pilot in an elite squad of space
  fighters. They are stationed onboard a Talestra battlecruiser, a human
  flagship. It has been sent to a distant star system where several research
  labs are trying to find a way to turn the tide of the war.

  A player and his companions will have to overcome many obstacles and face all
  the dangers lurking in deep space.

  Installation Information:

  Just extract the archives and burn/mount with your favorite software.
  Install, copy our cracked content from DVD to game dir then play.

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